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Neechie Pops .


5lbs hamburger 1pack of bacon sliced and diced cook together fried up a lil crisp drain grease go back in frying pan add 1 whole onion chopped add whole clove garlic minced seasoning salt tbl spoon keep stirring frying dice up red green peppers  add to pan fry about ten mins I look me can tomato soup mix in with all ingredients grate cheeze enough for each pop.


The dough 5 cups flour 2 tbl spoon baking powder mix well in bowl hollow out center flour add 2 cups water ,quarter cup of canola oil mix an knead  till ready to roll out cut an wrapped to your liking add mix in dough with cheese fry in frying pan medium high heat make sure seals good poke with fork while frying an whala.  Everything's the same from when I was 13 yrs old learned from my mom I'm 53 now .  The bannoch man 

Submitted By : Calvin 

bann. pops. calvin.jpg
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